Meghan Livingston   Dipl.S.T., PTS, OAS

After a childhood injury which led to Scoliosis, Meghan Livingston developed a fascination with the workings of the human body. It was this interest, and the desire to help others living with chronic pain, which moved her to study Shiatsu Massage. Meghan graduated from the Shiatsu School of Canada in 1999 with high honours receiving the Kuzuya Award for Academic Excellence.


Years later, after having 4 children, Meghan found herself overweight, out of shape and in chronic pain again.  Armed with the understanding of nutrition gained from her studies at the Shiatsu School of Canada, she designed a diet she could stick with.  It took eight months but Meghan reached her goal of losing 45 pounds.  Feeling empowered by this achievement, she immediately set a new goal: get fit.


With some research, Meghan designed and maintained an exercise program that fit into her busy schedule. Six years later, Meghan has maintained her weight and her new healthy lifestyle has given her the ability to pursue activities she never would have dreamt before.


In order to help others achieve that which has provided her with so much, Meghan decided to add personal training to her services. She received her certificate as a Personal Training Specialist from CanFitPro in 2009 and Older Adult Fitness Specialist in 2010. Can-Fit-Pro is Canada 's largest certification organization for fitness professionals. In addition Meghan has studied Reflexology and has a certificate in First Aid and CPR.


In 2010, Meghan decided to start her own company offering both Shiatsu Therapy and Personal Training with a special focus on Mature Adults. These complementary services offer an holistic approach to health by supporting the mind and body as a whole. By strengthening weaknesses and easing tension, Shiatsu and Personal training work together to help balance the body physically. The deep relaxation and enhanced mind body connection gained from Shiatsu, combined with the increased confidence and energy gained from exercise, help balance the emotional aspect of health. In addition, many studies recently have shown that, by increasing blood flow and stimulating the brain, exercise helps maintain cognitive health. Thus, “Imago Vitality” was born, a unique company that strives to improve all aspects of health through natural methods.

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